Ibn Elballad
Ibn Elballad BHD 0.350

liver, sliced bell pepper, garlic, 3annar Special Mixture

ُElbasha Sandwich
ُElbasha Sandwich BHD 0.400

Egyptian sausage onion, tomato, 3annar Special Mixture

Fool BHD 0.300

Bean, lemon, oil, 3annar Special Mixture

Falafel BHD 0.300

falafel prepared from beans, garlic, onion, 3annar Special Mixture

Eggs BHD 0.250

eggs, butter, 3annar Special Mixture

Eggs With Pastrami
Eggs With Pastrami BHD 0.400

eggs, pastrami pieces, butter, 3annar Special Mixture

Elzaeem BHD 0.300

white cheese, tomato, sliced bell pepper, 3annar Special Mixture

Baba Ghanoush
Baba Ghanoush BHD 0.300

aubergine, garlic, oil, 3annar Special Mixture

French Fries Sandwich
French Fries Sandwich BHD 0.300

fries, 3annar Special Mixture

Main Course

Elhareef ( Hawawshi )
Elhareef ( Hawawshi ) BHD 1.000

ground beef, onion, 3annar Special Mixture

Macaroni With Liver
Macaroni With Liver BHD 1.000

Macaroni with red sauce, liver with 3annar special mixture

Macaroni With Egyptian sausage
Macaroni With Egyptian sausage BHD 1.200

Macaroni with red sauce, Egyptian sausage with 3annar special mixture

Bechamel Macaroni
Bechamel Macaroni BHD 1.000

pasta with 3annar special mixture bechamel

Emperor ( Koshary )
Emperor ( Koshary ) BHD 1.200

rice, pasta, lentil, fried onion, 3annar special sauce, serve with your choice tomato sauce or spicy sauce

Koshary Added liver or Egyptian sausage
Koshary Added liver or Egyptian sausage BHD 1.500

Koshary Added liver or Egyptian sausage

Starters / Add Ons

Stuffed Grape Leaves dish
Stuffed Grape Leaves dish BHD 0.600

Stuffed Grape Leaves small

French Fries
French Fries BHD 0.500

French Fries with 3annar special mixed

Mixed Pickles
Mixed Pickles BHD 0.100

Mixed Pickles

Tahina BHD 0.150


Add On Cheese
Add On Cheese BHD 0.100

Add On Cheese


Saklans BHD 0.350

Cream with & Swetness

Rice With Milk
Rice With Milk BHD 0.500

Rice With Milk

Rice With Milk & Nuts
Rice With Milk & Nuts BHD 0.800

Rice With Milk & Nuts


Soft Drinks
Soft Drinks BHD 0.300

Soft Drinks

Mineral Water
Mineral Water BHD 0.200

Mineral Water

Qamar eldin
Qamar eldin BHD 0.800

Sobia BHD 0.800

Tamarind BHD 0.800

Carob BHD 0.800

Turkish Coffee
Turkish Coffee BHD 0.500

Red Tea With Mint
Red Tea With Mint BHD 0.300

Special Orders

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